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Here I Am!

My sister called me from New York last night.

 “Hey, I’m watching the game online.  I think I just saw you.  Where are you sitting?”
“Yeah, I’m here.  I’m 8 rows back behind the dish.”
“See the two guys in Hawaiian shirts?  Go sit next to them.  Throw up a peace sign.”

I showed the two fingers and and then threw up a W.   And she snapped the shot.

Thanks sister!

AND there was OFFENSE!!

I’ll be at the yard again today, hoping for more offense and a shout out from Kruk & Kuip.

And of course, per usual, orange & black out represented the local blue & grey. I ❤ AT&T South.

The Endless Bummer

‘Dog Days’ (Latin: diēs caniculāmrēs) are the hottest, most sultry days of summer in late August.  Dog Days can also define a time period or event that is very hot or stagnant, or marked by dull lack of progress. The name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, in close proximity to the sun was responsible for the hot weather.

Source: Wikipedia

The ongoing earthly evolution around the sun is finally bringing to an end the dreaded dog days of summer; what this year has been a fantastically long endless bummer for the San Francisco Giants and all their frenetic followers.  

The situation was perceived so dismally by Mike Krukow (eternal optimist), that in his August 17th postgame wrap he said that while watching the game he “almost puked.”

“I know there are other fans out there that just wanted to puke too.”

–Mike Krukow, disappointed by Giants baseball

Listen to Kruk, Kuip and Flemming discuss the flu, food poisoning, and giants baseball via the audio link below.  The clip is properly cued for you’re auditory pleasure.

Certainly it hasn’t been easy for the defending 2010 World Series Champion San Fransisco Giants.  Especially not during these dog days.  Today’s injury update reads like a laundry list of disastrous accidents and crushing truths.

Shock and disappointment predominated earlier in the season when SF Giants players initiated an insane magnetic attraction to the disabled list
(I wrote about it back in June).  After Posey, Zito, Casilla, Torres, Ross, DeRosa, Sandoval, Belt, Ford and Fontenot all took their respective time on “the list,” nobody imagined it would get worse.  And if someone did think about that, they didn’t most certainly didn’t mention it.

And then things got worse.  A lot worse.

Just look at today’s depth chart.

But there must be SOMETHING positive that comes from this (I, like Kruk, am an eternal optimist).

And you know what?

– Mahatma Gandhi

I’VE HEARD ENOUGH of this I’m giving up-it’s too late-we’ve already lost crap.  I’m sick of the disappointment.  I’m pissed that I feel like I’m going to puke.

I’ve been hoarding these fun awesome inspiring interesting clips for a time of dire need.  That time is now.

I’m doing my part to be that change.

Let the awesomeness ensue. Quick, before you vomit.

Click here for further instructions on “bearding” yourself.

Kelley James improvises a killer freestyle for living legend Brian Wilson at the
W Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ.


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Yes, that is Aubrey Huff protecting his cocktail from thirsty poachers.

A few of our most favorite teammates “interacting” with hockey fans in DC.
Click here for the story.

8th Inning Exodus

I’ve said it before.  I’ll say it again.  And I hope it never changes, at least not while I’m in San Diego.
Giants fanatics take over Petco Park.  

“Folks, this place is going off.  Sounds like they’re back at AT&T in San Francisco.”

So what if we exude confidence in our team even on the road? 
Demonstrated by the loud cheers after Huff hit one out of Petco on Thursday. 
San Diego’s broadcasters are talking about it.  
“As far as Giants fans are concerned,” said Padres broadcaster Jerry Coleman, (formerly a batboy for the San Francisco Seals) “they’re very knowledgeable and they’re very ardent fans. They’re the type of people who take nothing except for winning as an answer. Basically, they’re great fans.”

Padres bloggers are writing about it.

“You won’t see more black and orange on Halloween than what appeared at Petco Park the last four games.”

 Of course Padres fans are bitching about it.
In Jesse’s defense, he is one of the very few serious die-hard Pads fans I know in San Diego.  But, you know what, Jesse?  
I have no remorse that Giant’s fans are taking over stadiums across the US, especially not here in San Diego.  Guess why. 
It is because of a spectacle known as the “8TH INNING EXODUS.”
This phenomenon occurs sporadically in almost every ballpark, yet it happens at Petco Park with such routine that even the most suspensful of games is celebrated by clearing the stadium.  This is precisely what went down on Sunday, July 17th (and nearly every other game I’ve attended in San Diego).  
Andres Torres, having knocked in the tying run in the 7th inning, was in the hole at the top of the 9th.  Heath “The Beast” Bell had taken the mound and was gunning for Whiteside at the plate.  Chris Stewart watched from the on deck circle.  In the pen was Wilson readying himself to execute the potential save.
Sounds exciting, right?  
You’d be a fool to leave now.  After enduring this white-knuckle nail biter, don’t you want to **spoiler alert** see how it ends?
Apparently not if you’re a Padres fan.
I guess they’re sick of this.

Just imagine visiting fans going crazy over their away win in your home stadium.

Can’t fathom?

That’s because I’m pretty certain hell would freeze over the day opposing fans outnumber Giants fans in AT&T park.